Infinix Co., Ltd. provides consistent support not only to Japanese companies but also to overseas companies such as Sakura Selection product list, award-winning Sakura Selection Award Ceremony and sales promotion.

Enhanced brand strength

Japanese products are highly regarded all over the world. Sakura Selection awards are determined by Japanese standards in Japan and will result in a higher sense of trust and reliability.
Award-winning products (or services) may use the Sakura Mark. You can show added value to your customers and provide your products with authority.

Differentiate from the competition

Trust and reliability are the most important factors for consumers when making a purchase.
The Sakura Selection Award-winning products (services) give consumers a sense of trust and reliability, which is a great advantage when consumers choose products.

Reliable Quality

In order to win a Sakura Selection award, the products (services) will first be reviewed.
The screening process provides an opportunity for you to review your own products.
In addition, the quality of the product must remain constant to maintain the award.This results in the ability to maintain quality.

Want to sell more products

▪Want to distinguish own products from competitors' products
▪Packaging makes it difficult to differentiate
▪Effect of the product is difficult to convey
▪Want to add a sense of security to the products
▪Want to increase the unit price of the product
▪Want to sell own products overseas
▪Want to enhance brand image

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Overwhelming trust in Asian countries

“Trust in Japanese quality” is very high in Asian countries such as the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Vietnam. Sakura Selection will accelerate acceptance of products (or services) in such countries.

Japan's products are highly evaluated by Asian countries for their high quality and stability. The “Japanese brand” is now the only one that provides a sense of security.
We Japanese have a good eye for quality and are known as the world’s most demanding consumers.

The Sakura selection is reviewed by housewives and experts who have strict standards for safety, taste, and usability.
The award-winning products and services are regarded as being evaluated by “the strictest consumers in the world.”
The Sakura selection covers not only Japanese products, but also products produced and sold overseas. The award-winning products enjoy a high PR effect in the sales area.

Examples of similar performance

Cosmetics maker(Aichi,JAPAN)

After receiving the award, online sales have doubled. Number of visits has quadrupled to site has quadrupled by simply showing products are award-winning in advertisements.

Canned food manufacturer(Ishikawa,JAPAN)

Even though it is in a remote location, the company said it had received inquiries and business from as far away as Germany after winning the award.


Sales increased 3.5 times, and production was temporarily unable to keep up!

Italian restaurant(Tokyo,JAPAN)

After winning the award, the company proudly presented “deluxe Italian,”and sales have doubled.


Official Web Site

Bringing products selected by Japanese to the world.


① Products submitted by companies that want to obtain the logo are accepted once a year.
② Online examination by Japanese housewives organization (initially 200, finally increased to 1000)
③ In person review at the venue with one academic and housewife (initially 50, final increased to100)
④ Only “Package Design,” “Product Design,” “Ingredients,” “Price” and “Feature Description” are considered online.
⑤ The in-person examination takes “smell,” “taste” “ease of use,” “touch,” etc., into account.

Things which can be submitted for examination

Products related to our daily lives such as beverages (including alcoholic beverages), groceries, sundries, cosmetics, supplements and services.

Alcoholic beverages/Non-alcoholic beverages/Food products/Sweets / confectionery products/Grain products/Health and living services/Entertainment service/Educational services/Educational services…etc

Product type

The Sakura Selection has four awards, the excellent gold award, the gold award, the silver award, and the bronze award, which are determined by the points earned in the judging.。

・excellent gold 100~90
・gold 89~80
・silver 79~70
・bronze 69~60

Benefits of using a proxy exhibitor

【The job details of the authorized agency】
▪Determining eligibility to enter Sakura Selection
▪Confirmation survey prior to exports/imports
▪Preparation of application documentation
(translated into Japanese)
▪Submission of documents
▪Invoice preparation
▪Preparation of packing list
▪Preparation of all certificates pertaining to the import
and export of goods (approximately 20 types)
▪Sample product submission (delivery arrangement)
▪Invoicing import and export costs


Category: FAQ

We will give you points from the highest gold award to the bronze award. However, if the score is less than any of the points, unfortunately there may be cases where the award cannot be awarded. In either case, we will give you a summary of the examination results if you wish (additional charge), so we hope that you will use it for product development.

Category: FAQ

After receiving the award, those who have paid the logo usage fee can continue to use it after the award year under certain conditions. However, the year of the award is stated on the logo and cannot be changed.

Category: FAQ

The cost will be the application agency fee, the actual cost of sending the sample, and the logo usage fee after receiving the award.
The application fee is usually 200,000 yen, but within 21 years a discount of 100,000 yen will be applied, and companies applying during this period will become “special supporting members” and special discounts will be applied from the second year onwards. Will be done. Therefore, consecutive awards are also advantageous in terms of cost. The logo usage fee is usually 250,000 yen, but like the above, it is now 200,000 yen, which is a discounted price. Please take advantage of this opportunity.

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The secretariat of Sakura Selection will notify the agency, and the agency will send the examination result to each company in writing. In the case of an award, we will present the logo data and the award shield after concluding a logo use contract.

Category: FAQ

Basically, we will target overseas sales products and inbound products. The brand will be “chosen by Japanese consumers”, so it is expected that it will have an advantage overseas.

Category: FAQ

Please prepare the examination application form, company profile, and product samples (including pamphlets and product introduction websites distributed to customers) prepared here. Subsequent procedures will be supported collectively here.

Category: FAQ

Regarding the change of the package, if you can use our logo part according to the regulations, you can change other parts. Changes in contents and prices will need to be reviewed again.

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Sakura Selection is an award established in 2021.
If you apply now, you can apply at a special price. Furthermore, by becoming a “special supporting member”, special discounts will be applied even after the second year, which will give you an advantage in terms of cost.

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Details of the examination items will not be disclosed, but in the case of product sales, raw materials, product features, usability (taste, smell, usability, etc.), package design, price, etc. will be examined online and in the field. If it is a service, we will examine the service content, features, price, etc. The state of the on-site examination will be recorded (video or photo) and sent to each company.

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The examination results will be announced from the end of December to the beginning of January every year.